All The Bustle Leading Up To The Hustle

MotivationLet me start with an apology for this past week’s absenteeism.  It’s not that I haven’t been busy because I most certainly have been but chose sleep over blogging.  I hope you can understand.  The past five days have been a mixture of preparation for The Santa Hustle 5K and Christmas.  The latter of which has been quite a flurry but thankfully all is under control now.  I felt like I had over-prepared for the last 5K and decided to try something different this time.  Of course, Holly PerkinsThirty Days of Lunges program made my legs stronger than ever.  Now it was a matter of working on the rest of the body but not so much that I’d be sore on race day.  It occurred to me that her Fitness 360 DVD provides three workouts that were just enough of a challenge for this week’s lighter schedule.  On Tuesday, I completed the Cardio 360 workout with 8lb dumbbells and enjoyed the invigoration.

Screenshot of Sport Cool Down Video

I love the Piriformis Stretch.

I had intended to run early the next day but household activities took a lot longer than expected.  It bothered me a little bit to allow this to become a rest day but knocked out relatively early that night.  Clearly, I needed the rest.  On Thursday, it was imperative to get some time on the treadmill.  I opted to briskly walk 2.5 miles on an incline of 5.0 instead of a hard run.  It was quite demanding but not fatiguing, which is just what I wanted to achieve.  The next day’s focus was strength training and the Total Tone 360 workout with my hulk-green dumbbells did the trick.  With one day to go before the race, I considered doing nothing but that word feels like a sin somehow.  So I completed the short but sweet Yoga Energizer workout.  I ended every physical activity session this week with Exercise TV’s Sports Cool Down video.  Quite frankly, I felt like I could have taken a nap during the Piriformis Stretches.

Santa Hustle 5K Gear

Ready to hustle!

My sister collected the race packets on Saturday.  The dri-fit shirt was quite lovely but the hat and beard were a bit on the cheap side.  I tried on the whole ensemble to ensure fit and comfort.  Then I made sure that my nephew did the same.  The beards were constrictive and itchy so we decided not to wear them.  I love to run outside and don’t mind sun or heat, but can’t really cope with wind.  Breeze is fine but wind makes me shiver.  This is no fun for Caribbean people.  I recently purchased an Under Armour Cold Gear Mock to wear under the Santa shirt, in order to combat the chill.  It’s very comfortable and I looked forward to using it.  With our fancy bibs, pins and outfits sorted, all that remained was to eat well and get a good night’s sleep.  In the morning, we were going to invade Daytona Beach with about eight-hundred other people.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  These were My Fitness Revolution Days: 403 to 407.

Treadmill stats for 06-Dec-2012

The Nike+ app was slightly off.