Alpine Ibexes Climbing a Dam

Alpine Ibexes Climbing a Dam

Alpine Ibexes are amazing creatures. We’ve seen photos of wild goats like these, unlike the farmyard variety, standing majestically on a mountain top but we don’t often see how they got there. As this video shows, these goats can scale incredible heights and at near-vertical angles as well. You may be wondering (or not) what made me go to YouTube looking for goats climbing a dam? Well a friend shared a link on Facebook to an article featuring goats standing on sheer cliff faces. I figured there had to be a video of this somewhere. NatGeo Wild has a video with different types of mountain goats climbing, jumping and fighting; but the narrator started doing a voice over to get laughs. As if watching the animals wasn’t enough of an attention-grabber. Who wouldn’t be impressed considering they don’t have things we humans need to climb like arms, hands and toes?

YouTube Description:
It’s familiar territory for the wild alpine goats who live in steep rocky terrain at high altitudes. Fortunately for us some people caught the moment when a herd of ibexes scaled the near vertical stone dam in the Gran Paradiso National Park in Italy.

Daily Mail –
Photographer – Paolo Seimandi
Video YT – Laura Antimiani
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