College Humor: Every JRPG Ever

College Humor: Every JRPG Ever

This College Humor’s “Every JRPG” video would have been lost on me if it wasn’t for my friend, Kyla. She’s been streaming a Final Fantasy 6 playthrough on Twitch for the past eight weeks.  I always wondered why people are so ardent about this series. Hey don’t be so surprised.  All I know about The Legend of Zelda is that the boy with the pointy ears and the sword is called Link, not Zelda, and the theme song is very catchy.  He also breaks a lot of pots but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.  Anyway Final Fantasy 6’s story is surprisingly engaging and we’re all pretty attached to the mini-people, but back to this video.

JRPG Exposition

Screenshot from Every JRPG Ever (Photo Credit: CollegeHumor)

There are many JRPG fish in the video games sea and apparently there are a number of omnipresent themes. Seriously though, you watch or play enough of these things and this thing from this game and that thing from that game become immediately apparent.  Even with my limited gaming experience, I’ve been the Chosen One a few times well and random encounters are definitely a thing. (There are lots of wild animals and roving criminals in Skyrim, people.)

If you’re looking for a JRPG binge-watch (or to understand why the croupier in the College Humor video was a talking yellow bird) here’s Kyla’s YouTube playlist of her Twitch streams, but be warned of the occasional f-word…because gamers. Last but not least, hat tip goes to my friend, Gareth for sharing the video.  He’s a very talented photographer so check out his site:!