Danica Patrick is a Fitness Beast and I ♥ Her for it!

Danica Patrick is a Fitness Beast and I ♥ Her for it!

Danica Patrick is one of the most famous race car drivers in the world. Even if she never wins a NASCAR race or retires tomorrow, Danica has become a symbol of hope to girls and women who want to make their motorsports dreams come true.  I know there are guys out there who can’t stand that but she’s not some flim-flam lady racer. Take a gander at her biography and you’ll see that she’s been determined to succeed in the sport her whole life. If anything she’s now more formidable than ever.

Danica Patrick Push Ups

Screenshot from Machines Matter – Featuring Danica Patrick and Rogue Fitness (Photo Credit: Haas Automation, Inc.)

I was present at her first Daytona 500 and remember the uproar when she didn’t just start on pole but kept it. Women stood up and cheered every lap she led, even if she wasn’t their favourite driver. They cheered because Danica was there and holding her own with the big boys.  Little girls were in awe of her and in a sport that fans treat with the same reverence as religion and family tradition, getting the autograph of a petite woman in a racing suit had enormous impact.

That being said, I want to talk a bit about Danica’s body but not in a “she’s so hot” sort of way. Well not really. (wink) A number of awesome drivers contributed to my post on The Importance of Physical Fitness in Motorsports; and, it appears Danica Patrick is cut from the same cloth. In this promotional video for Haas Automation, Inc. and Rogue Fitness, Danica works out with CrossFit champion, Rich Froning.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a publicity thing but just look at her! Danica is a fitness beast and for that (and all the other aforementioned stuff) – I ♥ her for it!