Fall Fell Into Winter And My Body Hates It!

Sweat is the best accessory

Motivation by Nike

I fully understand that my body and I are not separate entities.  However on Thursday while the spirit was willing, the flesh was frosty and the only exercise I did was my daily quota of walking lunges.  I was dressed to workout but it got late and this sudden cold front is seriously messing with my fitness mojo.  If winter is not starting early this year, at the very least we’re getting a serious taste of what’s to come.  As a Caribbean woman, low temperatures are not my friend and this time last year was when I had many obstacles to regular exercise, including a brutal cold.  Thankfully, I’m fitter than I was then but don’t want to risk losing momentum again. On Friday, I made it my business to not only workout but do it early in the day when it’s marginally warmer.  It was tough because I didn’t get much sleep the night before and the temptation to sleep in bed all day was considerable.

The Question

One of the ways to make sure you don’t miss a workout is to change into your exercise clothes.  That didn’t work for me on Thursday, but definitely did on Friday.  I did an interval run to cover 1.5 miles on the treadmill, followed by thirty-one walking lunges.  There’s about 0.1mi margin of difference between the Nike+ app and the treadmill.  It’s a minor irritation that I’m trying not to obsess over.  As long as I get a decent night’s sleep and eat properly, there’s no reason to miss any more workouts.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  These were My Fitness Revolution: Days 377 and 378.

My Treadmill Stats for 09-Nov-2012

My Treadmill Stats for 09-Nov-2012