Fed Up of Bad Jokes About Florida

Fed Up of Bad Jokes About Florida

Tonight I was watching Talk Back Live on Pivot because it’s an interesting show and I promised myself to watch it more, because they put highlight important topics and have managed to remain apolitical, which is a feat in itself nowadays.  However on tonight’s show, co-host Jacob Soboroff said something that really irritated me.  After a humorous dissection of the ludicrous problems plaguing www.healthcare.gov, he likened www.healthcare.gov to the state of Florida saying, “It is primitive.  It is full of bugs.  It is largely unpredictable, and you would only ever go there because you either have kids or you are about to die.”

Welcome to Florida

Welcome to Florida (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

This isn’t the first time that I’ve heard jokes about Florida and they usually pertain to some of the mind-boggling stances taken by our lawmakers.  However, this state’s population is diverse and our opinions on topics like healthcare, the economy, immigration, gun control, LGBT rights, etc. vary too.  If the social commentary is about some crazy law that got passed here, then by all means – tear us a new one, and look to The Daily Show for lessons.  However, going out of your way to point your finger and laugh at Florida, as if the entire population consists of blithering idiots is petty and mean.  They may think it’s brilliant but it sounds a lot like bullying.  Now pardon me while I go back to watching the rest of the show, because one bad joke isn’t enough for me to completely write it off.

Take Part Live

Take Part Live is hosted by Jacob Soboroff and Cara Santa Maria. It airs every weeknight at midnight EDT (Photo Credit: Pivot.tv)