Fitness Revolution: Day 19

Fitness Revolution: Day 19

By six o’clock this evening, I was on the treadmill. You’d think that meant an earlier post but no. Tonight’s big achievement was successfully bumping up my speed to a new maximum of 4.5 for five minutes without fainting or falling off. It felt great but I had to sit down at the twenty-second minute and give my calves a very brief massage. Then it was back on for eight minutes before stopping again. The question was if to stop at thirty minutes or push to thirty-five? After a small argument, I went on to thirty-five while listening to the Adult Conversation segment of the radio show, Johnny’s HouseLaura Diaz made a comment that had me howling with laughter. She proved to be more dangerous than running at 4.5!

Speed Schedule

Current Schedule

On my brother’s advice, I introduced a new dimension to the work out session by adding focus on abdominals with ten crunches. If there’s no muscle tightness tomorrow, I’ll make it twenty crunches post-run. I forgot to use Absorbine Jr. which means walking tomorrow might prove difficult. If that happens I’ll massage the stiffness out. It’s not enough to stick to the same speeds and times. The human body thrives and grows stronger with new physical challenges. It’s more than just a fickle desire to be thin. I know what being fit feels like and miss it. That’s what this revolution is all about. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Distance 1.876
Time 35:06
Calories 202
Carbs 28.2
Min. Speed 2.5
Max. Speed 4.5
Incline 0