Fitness Revolution: Day 37

Plow Pose

This used to be so easy

Tonight was a blast! I had so much fun despite tummy trouble which forced a bathroom break. The session was for thirty-five minutes and 3.5 did not feel as murderous as it usually does. That is a very good thing. Arm movements were completed and I’ve been trying to work in more stretches in the abdominal exercises. They used to be so easy for me five or six months ago, but not now. Undeterred, I’ll chip away at those muscles and be back to my limber self in no time. Introducing the push-up bars was a good idea and I’m starting to cope with them quite well now. So looking forward to tomorrow and coming soon, I’ll post up my current iTunes Workout playlist. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Distance 1.793
Time 35:01
Calories 171
Carbs 21.4
Min. Speed 2.5
Max. Speed 3.5
Incline 0