Fitness Revolution: Day 42

I knew that tonight’s session was going to be brief but refused to skip it altogether. It’s not that I’m a sucker for punishment. Okay maybe I am but it’s so easy to skip once, twice and then stop for months on end. The treadmill portion went well and I was sweating quite a bit. The garage was very cool but I was bundled up. The floor exercises were tricky as expected but quite doable.

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All in all, one hundred crunches plus twenty push-ups all done in halves. I lingered a bit before hitting the shower just to sweat and cool down naturally. This little revolutionary’s a happy camper, although tomorrow’s session may be sacrificed to a time crunch. I guess ’tis the season to have a crazy schedule. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Distance 0.755
Time 15:06
Calories 73.0
Carbs 9.1
Min. Speed 2.5
Max. Speed 3.5
Incline 0