Fitness Revolution: Day 52

At long last, there was a workout tonight. It was abbreviated but because of time constraint and not cowardice. I introduced two (2) lb hand weights to the arm movements and boy did they make a difference. Only two out of the three reps accommodated their use but the difficulty level increased considerably. There haven’t been any ill after effects but Saturday’s Relaxation Massage did a lot for my muscles. I only did fifty crunches but twenty push-ups. Also, I’ve started doing some flexibility exercises. They’re hard but getting easier every time.

2lb hand weights

My sister's Bread Stuffing

My sister’s Bread Stuffing

Since this is Christmas week, I may only be able to manage abbreviated sessions. I’m also trying to watch my food intake. There’s no dieting going on here but an interesting article on Lifehacker recommended going carb-free twice a week. I think I’ll start doing that after the holiday weekend. It would be a shame to waste good stuffing. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying Christmas food but only in moderation. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Distance 0.793
Time 15:02
Calories 75.1
Carbs 9.3
Min. Speed 3.0
Max. Speed 3.5
Incline 0