Fitness Revolution: Day 55

Woman Sweating-thumb-450x298-17446Finally dear Lord, I got to exercise! I didn’t have time for the abdominal exercises but there was a full thirty-five minute session on the treadmill. Two the three arm movements were done with the weights while I was walking at 3.5. It felt really good to sweat. If my muscles could speak, they would have squealed, “Yes Mama, give us more work!” I have some sewing to do since my sister bought me some beautiful yoga pants but they’re a tad too long for me. They’re really good and a touch more comfy than trackies. Perhaps that’s why some people wear them all the time. I’m excited for tomorrow’s workout. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Distance 1.874
Time 35:01
Calories 177
Carbs 22.1
Min. Speed 3.0
Max. Speed 3.5
Incline 0