Fitness Revolution: Day 60

Unlike last night, I needed no motivation to exercise. The treadmill session was for only about fifteen minutes but I made them count with the inclusion of a new piece of equipment: 1lb wrist weights (pictured). I kept them on for the entire workout and they added a new dimension but weren’t impossible to cope with. They’re a good deal safer to do the arm movements with than holding hand weights. For the final rep of arm movements, I used the hand weights too and those three pounds gave a good burn! Afterwards, I was able to do almost the full complement of floor exercises except for push-ups. There was only enough time for ten before something else needed my attention. Nothing was rushed so no adverse effects thus far. I’m expecting some stiffness but that’s nothing rest and Motrin can’t fix.

Kathy Smith Wrist Weights

Treadmill with hand and wrist weightsI know that quality exercise equipment is expensive but there is an option. My new wrist weights only cost USD $4.99. In addition to all kinds of clothing for adults and children, Ross Stores carries a wide variety of exercise equipment like balls, weights for various limbs, weighted jump ropes, push-up bars, etc. You can pick up equipment for yoga, pilates and boxing among others at very affordable prices. If you’re trying to get fit on a budget, check them out. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Distance 0.795
Time 15:04
Calories 75.3
Carbs 9.4
Min. Speed 3.0
Max. Speed 3.5
Incline 0