Fitness Revolution: Day 65

Tonight’s workout was quite a challenge. Anyone walking past the garage may have heard me talking over the sounds of Groove Armada. It would have been easy to do an abbreviated workout but when has getting fit been easy? Don’t believe the commercials for pads to zap your muscles, miracle shakes or medications. Getting fit is about hard work and sweat. The more you work, the more you sweat and the better it is! Clearly, my body had gotten used to fifteen minutes on the treadmill and it was time to up the ante. Thirty minutes on the treadmill with ten minutes devoted to speeds of 3.0, 3.5 and 3.0 respectively. I found 3.5 to be especially difficult. There were also three sets of arm movements. Each set was a minute long, so that’s three minutes spread out throughout the session. Mind you, I’m wearing arm weights so it was tough.

Rachel McLish

fit_woman6It took about fifteen minutes to complete the floor exercises: one hundred crunches, flexibility exercises, leg extensions and twenty push-ups. Those push-ups were murder. I was growling for the last three but managed to complete the set. The goal is to have a well-rounded workout. The treadmill session is very important but it wouldn’t be as good without the floor exercises. Tomorrow morning, out of pure curiosity, I’m going to step on the scale. No matter what number pops up, I’m still forging ahead. No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session
Distance 1.584
Time 30:01
Calories 150
Carbs 18.7
Min. Speed 3.0
Max. Speed 3.5
Incline 0