Fitness Revolution: Day 73

I rolled out of bed first thing this afternoon (yep) and felt searing pain in my thighs.  This was the kind that made me shout, “Lord have mercy!” but Mr. Absorbine Jr. came to my rescue.  Actually no because I was still very stiff and taking my sweet time to get from point A to B.  Mr. Motrin came into play later on and eventually, I plum forgot about it.  It would have been easy to skip tonight’s work out but you know I’m a sucker for punishment.  Leg stretches were murder – bloody, stinking murder!  I made noises that had me sister checking on my welfare.  Eventually, I slithered out to the garage to attempt skipping.

Absorbine Jr.

Unlike last night, it took me a while to find my groove with the jump rope.  I did but it took me a few tries and I didn’t want to spend too much time on that and moved to the treadmill.  That was much more agreeable and I invented a new arm movement exercise.  This one was really trying and I’m going to take some photos, so you’ll see what exactly I’ve been doing.  Oh yeah, that was me in yesterday’s post.  It wasn’t easy for me to put that out there being the heaviest I’ve ever been in my entire, life but at least I wasn’t in a bikini or something.


After the treadmill session, I got down to the floor exercises.  This was murder part two.  However, despite making inhuman noises, I completed one hundred crunches, flexibility exercises, more stretches and twenty push-ups.  This is going to sound scary but I’m really enjoying this pain.  The pain means that my muscles are working harder than they have in a long time.  I also know that this pain is temporary and will relish when these sessions can be completed without pain.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session
Min. Speed
Max. Speed