Fitness Revolution: Day 75

As I’ve always said, it was a good workout when you’re sweating from your scalp to you skivvies.  Although I could have been cited by the Hydration Police…if they existed.  Today’s rainy weather had me drinking more tea than water.  Dinner was a bit heavy too but I fall off that wagon regularly so no big.  I’m trying to eat more fruit though and had a Sugar Pear for breakfast.  It was delicious.  I got a full workout in and feel much better for it.  The pain in my thighs is almost completely gone, except when I stretch them way out.  I kind of rushed through the initial stretches and must try not to do that because stretching before strenuous physical activity is extremely important.

Sugar Pears

The jump rope part was good but I held back to prevent fatigue on the treadmill.  It’s quite possibly my favourite exercise because it reminds me of my kickboxing days.  Side to side stretches were much better than yesterday and I was able to do twenty of those.  I’m going to do those during the day since they don’t make me sweaty.  Then half hour on the treadmill with four sets of arm movements completed.  All floor exercises were done tonight.  Flexibility and push-ups proved to be the biggest challenges.  My mistake was not taking enough time to cool down.  Even after my shower, I was extremely warm and uncomfortable.  Lessons learned and I look forward to tomorrow.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session
Min. Speed
Max. Speed