Fitness Revolution: Day 85

I made up my mind that dawn wasn’t going to meet me unless I completed a full workout.  So said, so done and it was h-a-r-d.  The initial stretches then jump rope were okay and the treadmill session was excellent.  I managed an incline of 1.0 and really felt it but was able to complete all four arm movements.  For some reason, the arm movements were difficult tonight.  Despite that though, the sudden warm weather meant that I was sweating.  It was a great time.

Demi Moore demonstrating GI Jane Push Ups

Demi showing us how it’s done

The floor exercises went well and I really took my time with them.  Recently, I had my nephew take photos of my exercises.  They were horrible but made me realise that my forms were off.  Tonight I made an effort to correct that but from tomorrow no more ‘girlie’ push-ups.  By that I mean it’s time to channel Demi Moore and stretch my legs out for push-ups.  I won’t lie.  I’m scared and it’s going to be hard as **** but I’m done with wimping out.

My wimpy push-up

One Opinionated Woman’s wimpy push-up

If you exercise alone, set up a camera to record yourself or get somebody to film/photograph the workout.  It’s good for you to see where you’re going wrong.  The best would be to have a trainer or workout buddy.  However, we’re on our own sometimes and don’t realise that a second set of eyes is needed.  Even if those eyes are ours.  By the end, I was really wrung out.  I mean tired but not fatigued.  My arms are a bit tender in the shoulder area but my old friend Absorbine Jr. will take care of that or my other friend, Bio-Freeze.  In case you were wondering if I’m a sucker for punishment, then get this: I can’t wait for tomorrow!  This is a new year.  I’ve got things to do and they all require me to be something looking like fit.  Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, hell or high water – I’m going to get fit.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session
Min. Speed
Max. Speed