Getting Fit Part 2: Online Help for Beginners

Getting Fit Part 2: Online Help for Beginners

In the first installment, we faced our fitness reality and I strongly encouraged that our goal should always be fitness instead of thinness.  This time, it’s all about expanding our knowledge base because what we don’t know can kill us.  We surf the web all the time whether on our computers or hand-held devices, so let’s ignore the Bejewelled Blitz for a while and use that time to find ways to make our bodies work better.  There are a ton of online resources but it’s hard to pick sense from nonsense.  So here are a few sites that have been helpful for me, and hopefully can do the same for you.

I'm making myself...

Popsugar Fitness

I’ve been a fan of this site and its Class Fitsugar series. These are brief but effective workout videos.  Every time a new exercise program hits the market, Popsugar Fitness has a workout available featuring the original trainers.  There are full body routines, as well as focused ones for outstanding mix-and-match sessions.  There’s nothing wrong with working out with these free videos, which are also available on their YouTube channel.  However, I like to use these as a demo and then invest in the full programs if I like them.

They’ve now expanded to cover recipes, fashion and general health as well.  In addition to all this goodness, the hosts are cheerful, knowledgeable and very capable too.  Just look at Suzi May do mountain climbers and you’ll know that these ladies are the real deal.  Quite frankly, I don’t think I would have gotten so far in my own fitness journey if it wasn’t for Popsugar Fitness.


Live Strong

Fitness magazines and websites regularly feature new workouts, but don’t always explain how they’re done.  Livestrong is great for that.  They’ve had a major facelift and the new incarnation of Livestrong aims to be the ultimate partner for anyone serious about transforming their body.  The site provides educational articles about health and fitness, in addition to videos demonstrating proper techniques for various exercises by professional trainers.  Sometimes it helps to cruise their YouTube channel to discover ways to spice up your routines.  Much like Popsugar Fitness without the pink, Livestrong is a treasure trove of helpful information.


Lean It Up

I discovered this site quite randomly on Twitter.  Lean It Up is Bryan DiSanto’s website that’s chock full of all kinds of goodness.  I’m a big fan of his Food Court series because he does all the heavy lifting to figure out which products on the grocery shelves that claim to be healthier, really are.  This is really, really important because all the exercise in the world can be undone by poor meal choices.  Lean It Up also has killer workouts and even music suggestions to help us get pumped for sessions.  Quite frankly, music is indispensable to help me keep momentum.  It’s cool that this site gives that prominence.

Regarding Bryan’s killer workouts, they are killer, as in not for the faint of heart.  Some of them are tough, but I love the way he presents them and links to demonstrations so that you don’t scratch your head about what you’re supposed to do.  I really wish everybody did them this way.


The most important thing to remember is that everybody will have an opinion about what will work best for you; but truthfully you are the only judge of that.  So read up, watch videos, try recipes and above everything else: don’t give up!  You’re capable of anything, but as Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!