#GymLadyKnights: Fitness-Minded Female Gamers

#GymLadyKnights: Fitness-Minded Female Gamers

Who are the #GymLadyKnights? That question is best answered by first explaining who the DayKnights are.  The group started out as a Starcraft II clan in honour of Sean “Day[9]” Plott. His channel’s content has since diversified to include a wider variety of games. As such his fan base has expanded and now the entire community’s members are considered DayKnights.

I had been watching his channel for a few months before taking advantage of a free month subscription to his Twitch channel. By the stream’s end, I knew these were in fact my people.  The DayKnights consist of people from many walks of life, age groups and countries.  As Day[9] says in his e-sports manifesto, “Our community is smart, supportive, funny, irreverent, international, insightful, and intolerant of bullsh*t.”  I never thought God would bless me to find kindred spirits online twice in a lifetime but He did; first with the My Life at Speed family and now this group of gamers.

As far as I know there are far more male than female gamers among the DayKnights, that doesn’t mean we feel maligned in any way.  Well it hasn’t been an issue for me anyway.  The only time it comes up is if somebody addresses me by my first name in chat instead of 1opinionated, and sometimes another person will say, “I always thought you were a dude!” Among the lady knights with whom I socialise online, we’ve never felt the need for pretence.  I like to think of us as although few in number, we’re the salt that makes the community all the sweeter by our presence.

One Friday while Day[9] was obliterating Hearthstone opponents, a number of us ladies in chat decided to form a group within the community for the many fitness minded girls and women among the DayKnights, the #GymLadyKnights.  We have a forum thread that serves as our main safe place to honestly share our struggles, successes and encourage one another.  Most of us tweet regularly using the hashtag and have garnered unflinching support from the community’s men.  (What was that about misogynistic gamers? Yeah, that doesn’t fly among the DayKnights.)

The other co-founders are Auraswap, MajaSumm and ZeldaAssassin.  I’m proud to mention some of our #GymLadyKnights members: Idlesatire, Elyzium, LadyLecta, MirrageofHope, nicolerenn42 and Aktaia.  These girls have my heart and I’m incredibly moved whenever that hashtag appears on my social media timelines.  Long live the #GymLadyKnights!