How Do I Love Fitsugar? Let Me Count The Ways…

In April 2012 I went to the Celebration Exotic Car Festival with a couple of friends and had a great time.  On a girly note, I felt really great about myself that day.  My hair, make-up and outfit were stylish.  I had a great time, took a lot of pictures and was looking forward to seeing one that my friend took where I was standing next to a Lamborghini Aventador.  Believe me, the excitement died as soon as I opened the jpeg file because I didn’t recognise myself.  I’m not daft, mind you.  I knew that it was me but I didn’t recognise my face or body.  It was traumatising because I had been exercising out but this was the wake-up call that my routine wasn’t working and I needed to make a change.  Almost two weeks later, I decided to “bring out the big guns” and now I can show you definitive results in the photo on the left.  One of the major reasons that transformation is a website called Fitsugar.

Comparison: Apr-Nov 2012

Comparison: Apr-Nov 2012

I was surfing the web in search of arms exercises and discovered their Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins video.  It was a challenge at first but immediately became part of my fitness regime.  When I finished the Couch to 5K program, I started adding other videos to my weekly schedule.  Now there’s not a week that goes by, when I don’t devote at least one day’s workout to Fitsugar videos.  Most of them are about ten minutes long and feature top-shelf instructors in addition to their own personalities.  Oh, and did I mention that they’re all free?  Thanks to them I can mix up workouts to include Crossfit Tabata, Yoga or Zumba if I choose, and I do.  It’s not easy to keep daily exercise from becoming tedious or mundane, but websites like Fitsugar make it relatively easy to beat the blah’s.  For that, I’m extremely grateful.

What's Beautiful

On Saturday, I was sorely tempted to go for a run but every other day is just right for me.  Instead, I stuck to my plan and completed three Fitsugar videos: Abs with Teddy Bass, then Arms and Legs with Holly Perkins.  The Legs workout isn’t new but I only recently discovered it and couldn’t wait to try it out.  I recognised some of the moves from Holly’s Fitness 360 DVD but had some trouble with the Reverse Lunge & Kick exercise.  My pathetic lack of co-ordination was probably the root cause but that doesn’t mean I won’t do it again.  Many ladies’ legs are problem areas and mine are no different.  This is why I was happy that Holly launched Thirty Days of Lunges from October 29th to November 28thWalking lunges are an easy exercise to learn but can be strenuous.  This is what makes them so effective and why I’m happy to do them every day, even on my Sundays which are reserved for rest.  The goal is to do fifty by the project’s end and as of Sunday, we did thirty-three.  The best part is that exercises like these greatly improve lower body strength which translates into better runs.  Just in time for The Santa Hustle Daytona Beach 5K and Half Marathon 5K.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  These were My Fitness Revolution: Days 379 and 380.