I Am The Stig?

I Am The Stig?

Well my friends, it’s been a difficult secret to keep for such a long time but finally, the truth is out – I am The Stig!  Ok not really, but if you took a glance at my Twitter timeline yesterday, one particular photo probably caused you to do a double-take.  McMike who’s famous with Jalopnik readers for the tag FIVEMINUTEPHOTOSHOP caught me completely off-guard with his cut and paste skills.

McMike's Tweet dated 15-Aug-2013

McMike’s Tweet dated 15-Aug-2013

It’s entirely my fault of course.  Rutledge Wood innocently tweeted a photo of the Top Gear USA presenters with The Stig.  That’s when McMike gave it the FIVEMINUTEPHOTOSHOP treatment and shared it on Jalopnik.  I saw it on Twitter and you know I just had to say something, but can you really blame me?  Look at this janky photo, which made me giggle.


Bless him and his penchant for inappropriately-sized heads, because I got photoshopped by McMike.  Honestly, I didn’t realize that it was me until I recognized..well…my head!  Of course, it’s most likely that McMike was teaching me a lesson.  Indeed, my tweet would have sounded a lot less mean, if I’d thrown in an emoticon or something.  Sorry about that McMike, but thank you very much.  You made me laugh until I cried, then I laughed some more and retweeted it.  This feels like some weird rite of passage, and quite frankly – I love it!  Now, don’t you ever do it again.  😀