I’m Dreaming of a Fit Christmas

MotivationThe past week has been very eventful and my physical activity hasn’t been limited to fitness sessions.  The day after The Santa Hustle Daytona Beach 5K and Half Marathon I fully intended to rest but ended up spending a few hours cleaning house.  This was a bad move because the soreness in my leg muscles became almost unbearable.  Walking wasn’t difficult but traversing stairs was murder.  Needless to say, I didn’t find my way to the treadmill until the next day.  To avoid serious injury, I did a twenty-minute brisk walk at an incline of 5.0.  It felt good to work up a little sweat but some deep stretches afterwards were a horrendous combination of pain and relief.  On Thursday, my nephew and I put up the Christmas tree.  This was preceded by searching for the big box that contained it and then lugging around the big containers of Christmas decorations.  Afterwards, I needed a fitness session that would stretch my muscles and burn off some calories.  Fitsugar’s Flow Yoga Workout with Ursula Vari was great for this.  It was just enough of a challenge and helped me to work up a sweat.

On Friday I completed Holly PerkinsTotal Tone 360 with eight-pound dumbbells and Yoga Energizer workouts from her Fitness 360 DVD.  It was a welcome return to something somewhat resembling my usual schedule but I felt uneasy.  My regime needed a kick-in-the-pants and I knew exactly what would do the trick.  Early on Saturday morning, I did the brief but merciless Fitsugar Crossfit Full Body Workout with Shirley Brown.  Two sets of lateral shuffles, lunges, bicycle crunches and mountain climbers with one minute break in between to breathe, stretch and cry a little bit.  Surprisingly enough, I was ready to do it all over again about ten minutes later.  This is one little workout that you can do twice in a row and call it a day.  Good thing I didn’t because my sister and I spent the rest of the day moving furniture.  It was quite a task since these were pieces that had never been moved before.  We were quite famished when finally done but hardly realised that this was just the beginning.  Sunday we spent the entire day cleaning up a bedroom which not only involved moving heavy furniture but new pieces as well.  By the way, God bless whoever invented furniture sliders.  That night, I built the frame of an Ikea chest of drawers to be finished the next day.

Screenshot of Fitsugar Crossfit Tabata

Susi May (left) is incredible at mountain climbers!

I got a reasonably early start in the morning but felt the effects of the previous day’s activity in almost every inch of my body.  After breakfast I had to take a couple painkillers or would have spent the day in bed.  Instead, I not only finished the chest but put together a book shelf as well.  Holly said on her Facebook page that “December is a crazy month.”  Boy, she was not kidding.  However, with all the heavy lifting, sliding and hammering, etc. done, I think that a return to conventional workouts is in order.  I have a plan that’s going to take me straight into the New Year.  Now, it’s just a matter of sticking to it.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  These were My Fitness Revolution: Days 409 to 416.

Holly Perkins's Facebook Update dated 06-Dec-2012

Yes Miss Holly, December is crazy.