Kilauea – The Fire Within

Kilauea – The Fire Within

Mount Kilauea is an active volcano that has been erupting since 1983. I enjoyed watching nature documentaries about it during in my childhood and was fascinated with this place that according to folklore is the home of Pele, Hawaii’s volcano goddess. History is scorched by Plinian eruptions like Italy’s still active, Mount Vesuvius which famously caused mass devastation in 79 AD and still poses a real threat to nearby Naples. They’re still making movies about it. Another example of that eruption type is when the top of Mount St. Helens in southern Washington exploded in 1980. Its effects were felt for hundreds of square miles and took fifty-seven lives in all.

Most recently Eyjafjallajökull Volcano’s eruption in 2010 forced the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Scandinavia to close their airspace due to safety concerns from the ash plume and steam that spread across the North Atlantic. Mount Kilauea is different, dangerous but different. Its eruptions are classified as Hawaiian and renowned for magnificent fire fountains. This is when lava is shot high into the air and can go on non-stop for extended periods of time. In this Page Films production, Director/DP/Editor Lance Page, uses time lapse photography to capture Kilauea’s startling beauty and raw destructive power. It’s a positively stunning reminder of what truly flows beneath our human existence, and how easily we could be wiped out by it.

“This six and a half minute film is my best attempt at capturing what it felt like to witness molten rock slowly burning down a dense wet rainforest or to peer into a six-hundred-foot-wide lava lake at Kilauea’s summit crater. I’ve never been anywhere else on the planet that demanded as much respect and awareness for the natural environment around me. Her unexpected beauty and unsettling sense of danger were nothing short of humbling and put so much into perspective. Kilauea really did change my life.” – Lance Page


Film Credits:

Director/DP/Editor: Lance Page

Producers: Lance Page & Wesley Young

Original Score: Stefan Scott Nelson

featuring Starsieve

Canon EOS 6D
Panasonic Lumix GH4
Canon 24-105L F4
Canon 70-300L F4-5.6
Rokinon 14mm F2.8
Rokinon 24mm T1.5
Emotimo TB3
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero
Radian and Michron controllers

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