For the Love of the Dog on Global TV

For the Love of the Dog on Global TV

On Saturday October 19th, 2013 Canada’s Global TV is going to the dogs, as their documentary series Obsessions presents For the Love of the Dog at 9pm EST.  This Portfolio Entertainment production will examine the relationships between some people and their dogs.  The folks in question don’t just love their pets – they treasure them and make sure that the animals know it too.

“Obsessions is a documentary series that chronicles the extraordinary and unusual worlds of personal obsessions. Each episode introduces us to remarkable people on the outskirts of what is deemed normal. These untold and entertaining stories shine a light on people who are driven, and obsessed, and yet still continue with their lives in a truthful manner. – Global TV

For the Love of the Dog opens a world of dog weddings, doga classes (yoga for dogs), canine couture, a pooch psychic and more!  However, it isn’t all quirky fun.  The documentary dogumentary also bears witness to a pet parent, whose best friend has passed away.  Their chosen coping mechanism is quite surprising.  Look out for a special appearance by Dr. Ruth.  Her friend David Best had a “Bark Mitzvah” for his best bud, Elvis.  Also, the diva of Yorkshire Terriers, Millie LaRue shows off her closet and her owners parents.

My friend Dale Burshtein, a Canadian Screen Awards winner for From Spain With Love, produced this and provided One Opinionated Woman with some cool behind-the-scenes photos.  Other team members included Sarah Goodman (Director), Melanie Tanz (Casting/Story Research), Todd Hallam (Editor, also an award-nominee for his work on From Spain with Love), and Chris McKay (Director of Photography).  As a former (and possibly future) doggy mommy, I’ll definitely be watching For the Love of the Dog and hope you will too.

Behind-The-Scenes on For the Love of the Dog

Millie LaRue

Meet Millie LaRue who has a closet full of outfits that would impress Carrie Bradshaw and make Charlotte’s dog Elizabeth Taylor very jealous.

Meeting Doctor Ruth

From Left: Melanie Tanz, Dale Burshtein and Dr. Ruth at a Polish deli in New York City

NYC Shoot

From Left: Sarah Goodman, Chris McKay, Dr. Ruth, Elvis, David Best and Melanie Tanz at the little guy’s favourite deli

BTS on Obsessions

From Left: Sarah Goodman, director, Chris McKay and Sean Feldman (Sound)

Dale and Friend

Dale had a furry script assistant named Friend while filming in North Carolina

Todd and his pooches

Editor Todd Hallam, hard at work under the watchful eye of his own dogs Zoe and Casey