Midsection Makeover Program: Days 12 to 14

Day 12:

This Friday’s Midsection Makeover Program itinerary was thirty minutes of cardio.  I couldn’t get to the treadmill and decided to give the three other workouts on the Slim Sexy Strong DVD a whirl.  There’s nothing wrong with the full-body workout, but I gained a few pounds over the past month or so.  My arms don’t feel as toned and my shirts aren’t as loose as they were.  This is not acceptable and I aimed to amend that.  Of course, there’s no such thing as spot weight-loss, and that wasn’t my goal.  However, muscle burns calories.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn and it’ll be bye-bye fat!

Instagram Pic 19-Apr-2013

Instagram Pic 19-Apr-2013

At ten minutes each, these minis would do the trick to focus on my other pudgy parts: Abs, Legs and Arms.  To make it even more interesting, I brought out the 8lb dumbbells.  Between those and the 5lb pair, I definitely would be able to feel the burn.  The exercises were mostly new but I wasn’t afraid of them.  I’m not pulling your leg, they were tough; but I really enjoyed them.  The DVD is structured so that one could get so many combinations of workouts, that it never becomes boring.  I really like that you can have Arm Day, Leg Day or Abs Day, akin to folks who go to the gym.  It’s going to be fun having so many resources at my disposal to plan workouts in the future, not just for me but for my family too.

Screenshot from Holly Perkins' Elbow Side Plank Youtube Video

Screenshot from Holly Perkins’ Elbow Side Plank Youtube Video

Day 13:

The Saturday workout was thirty-five minutes of cardio and Holly Perkins’ new exercise from YouTube called an Elbow Side Plank.  One again, I couldn’t get to the treadmill and looked to the Slim Sexy Strong DVD for a workout.  This time I chose the twenty-minute full body workout and once again brought out the 8lb dumbbells.  I wanted to see how much I could do with them, but kept the 5lb pair on hand, just in case.  Oh, the crazy eight’s were great and I was pushing hard; but, not nearly hard enough to hurt myself.  The Elbow Side Planks were tough.  I had some issues holding form and didn’t feel like I was getting enough height.  This is something that I’m definitely going to work on.  Planks are great for abs, and these aim to tighten up the love handles, that nobody loves.  I sure do dislike mine and can’t wait to bid them adieu.

Day 14:

Ah, for a glorious rest day!  I like that Holly respects the Sabbath.  It’s really important to rest because that’s when your muscle fibres repair themselves and grow.  I’ve found that inadequate sleep can have my body feeling swollen, and it definitely does a number on my skin.  A solid night’s sleep will also do wonders for your concentration levels and general well-being.  So no matter how much you’re tempted, get your rest!  Tomorrow will get here and you’ll have an opportunity to sweat away the flab.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  (My Fitness Revolution: Days 539 to 541)