Midsection Makeover Program: Days 4 to 5

Screenshot from Holly Perkins' All 4’s Crunches Youtube Video

Holly Perkins’ All 4’s Crunches Youtube Video

I got back on track with the Midsection Makeover Program and looked forward to Day 4’s Thursday workout, because it took me back to the treadmill for thirty minutes of cardio.  It’s no secret that a month of missteps left me surprisingly out of shape.  My stamina wasn’t completely gone but it was too low for my liking.  Not wanting to go overboard, I still pushed the speed a little bit.  Of course the incline provided an interesting dimension.  It wasn’t too high but just enough for me to feel my leg muscles.  The next scheduled exercise was Holly’s All 4’s Crunches.  I had to do three sets of thirty each.  Yes, that’s ninety in all.  It was hard.  I won’t call it challenging or any other word.  It was downright hard.  I had to push and lost my form a few times but managed to get it done.  My abdominal muscles were tight afterwards.  I lay on the floor for a little while before dragging myself off to the shower.

On Day 5, I was supposed to do the Full Body Workout from the Slim Sexy Strong DVD.  Unfortunately, time got away from me and I was feeling serious soreness from the previous day’s workout.  That’s when my sister had a great idea.  I used Holly’s Fitness 360 DVD for the Yoga Energizer workout which should have worked out the kinks in my muscles.  Then I followed it up with her Fitsugar Arm Circuit, using 5lb dumbbells.  It always was one of my favourite workouts and hadn’t been touched in a while.  I sure did miss it, but the All 4’s Crunches came back to haunt me for the Overhead Triceps Extensions.  Oh, my abs!  They hurt so much but I got through that bit with controlled breathing and courage.  Thankfully that was the last part of the workout.  Phew, I should be ready like Freddy for Day 6!  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Screenshot from Holly Perkins' All 4’s Crunches Youtube Video

Holly Perkins’ All 4’s Crunches