My Favourite Spellslingers Episode!

My Favourite Spellslingers Episode!

This episode of Spellslingers on Geek & Sundry featuring Greg Miller makes me laugh against my will. The host, Sean “Day[9]” Plott, is one of the biggest hams on YouTube I’ve ever seen and played against one YouTube’s other biggest hams, Greg Miller. Despite the fact I have only a rudimentary knowledge of Magic: The Gathering, that’s not necessary to enjoy the show. However for the uninitiated, Magic: The Gathering is a turn-based card game in which you duel other wizards. (You guys know how much I like to be a wizard!) Each card in your deck represents spells, creatures and mana which is the power used to power your plays. Luck of the draw is important but so is strategy because you build the deck yourself through buying cards and trading within the Magic community. The game has been around for a long time with a very loyal and enthusiastic fanbase. Although video game versions are widely available, Magic: The Gathering is best played as you see here – with your friends sitting across the table from you.

Honestly I didn’t know who these guys were except that I saw Sean on Tabletop’s first episode. The big, green promotion boxes made me think Spellslingers might be a good watch and it is! The jokes are non-stop and they’re both so animated, it’s actually ridiculous but in a nerdtastic way I find quite forgivable. One of my favourite running gags in this show (Yes, I’ve seen them all.) are the graphics that pop up with helpful information. Sometimes they continue jokes or make funny comments on something that was said or done. A re-watch may be in order to read them all or see what human activity was missed while reading them the first time around. (Yes, I’ve done that too.) Steve Sprinkles, I tip my hat to you sir.

Spellslinger: Despiralling

Use that word in a sentence! Oh wait, they did. (Photo Credit: Geek & Sundry)

I’m definitely grateful for is the censored swear words. Sean is really sweary. I’m a fan of Mostly Walking and Day[9]’s Day Off on his YouTube channel which are uncensored and my goodness! Why do gamers swear so much? The English dictionary continues to grow with vocabulary to use instead of that four-letter f-word. No, I don’t mean fail or free. You know the one I’m talking about, cuss birds. *sigh* Spellslingers’ only drawback is that it’s a bit too fast-paced for a beginner to understand everything. I’ve had to watch MTG tutorials on YouTube to fully grasp exactly what they’re doing in the game. Hopefully they’ll release extended editions at some point so we the turn-by-turn stuff. They did put up the gag reels though and of course here’s the one with Greg Miller…thankfully bleeped out: