My Fitness Revolution: Day 102

There was no time for a full workout tonight but I couldn’t let it pass without doing something.  So there were twenty Trunk Rotations, then one hundred Quarter Crunches.  Tonight’s achievement was an increase from twenty to thirty Twisting Crunches, with fifteen on each side.  Tomorrow, I’m shooting for thirty to be executed in reps of ten each.  Afterwards, I did twenty Leg Raises but had my knees slightly bent since this was a quick-fast workout.  Mind you, I took my time to relax my abdominal muscles between sets.  I followed up with the Halasana yoga pose into twenty modified Jack Knife exercises.  Finally, there were consecutive four GI Jane push-ups with bars.  I took a few moments then tried again but could barely manage one.  I’m a bit irritated that I can’t do five one after the other.  Ah well, tomorrow’s another day and I’ll keep pushing that envelope until I succeed.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Hour Glass (finished)