My Fitness Revolution: Day 104

I was knee-deep in other activities tonight and didn’t have time for the treadmill.  (Darn it!)  However, there were twenty Trunk Rotations, then one hundred Quarter Crunches.  I almost forgot but completed fifty Twisting Crunches (milestone!), then from the Halasana yoga pose into twenty modified Jack Knife exercises.  There was some mild experimentation with a pair of 3lb hand-weights but it was pretty useless and I won’t bore you with details.  Finally, there were six consecutive GI Jane push-ups without bars.  Shocking, I know.  The bars make even push-ups more difficult; but, I didn’t use them simply because there were in a different part of the house.  I’ll keep using them because that’s the benchmark, but it felt good to do six in a row.  Some people want to get fit to get skinny, but I want to get fit to get strong.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!