My Fitness Revolution: Day 105

Today was not a day for exercise.  Nope, today the revolutionary got a new ‘do.  It was actually this afternoon, when I headed over to Michael Matthews Designs Inc.  It’s not too different from what I had except for bangs.  All right, all right, it looks like I got a head transplant, but that’s due to the lovely and talented Cindy Williamson who has been taking care of me for over a year now.  She’s also a master colorist and can make your bushy eyebrows (etc. ) camera-ready.  A perfect day for me is to get my hair done by Cindy, then stroll down to Remedy Spa at Pelican Bay.  Not in that particular order.  The fitness revolution resumes tomorrow.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

One Opinionated Woman 10-Feb-2012