My Fitness Revolution: Day 266

I was like the Energizer bunny today.  My nephew and I cleaned the house which involved dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, etc.  After all that activity, I was glad for a shower and hot lunch.  Much later in the evening, I started the Jane Fonda workout when my sister joined me just in time for the Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins.  I like to insert it into Miss Jane’s workout just after her arms track.  Carol surprised me by asking for the 5lb weights.  I grabbed the Reebok Resistance Tube (Heavy) instead of the 3lb hand weights, which offer no challenge for me at this point.  The tube was tough but didn’t make the routine impossible.  However, some of the exercises require weights so there’ll be an 8lb pair in my future quite soon.  After the workout and a hot shower, I needed Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel for my calves.  The movements were good to stretch them but then they felt sore again.  It’s important to nurse the hurting bits so they don’t grow into injuries.

Sweat is fat crying

I haven’t written a single day post in a while but wanted to tell you about my sister.  You see, Carol hates exercise.  She does it because there’s a goal and it’s important for her to get, be and stay fit.  However, it takes enormous effort for her to workout…every, single time.  I’m glad to say that the effort required is decreasing and tonight I was so proud of her for taking initiative with the heavier weights.  As her trainer/cheerleader/drill sergeant, I was going to make her take them next month; but I didn’t have to make her do anything.  She’s also starting to see her hard work pay off with increased stamina and weight loss.  One day, I foresee her training for a 5K.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Women Holding Drink after Exercise