My Fitness Revolution: Day 267

Champions train, losers complainTo run outside was always the goal.  The Proform XP590S Treadmill is a wonderful example of modern convenience, which we wouldn’t even have if it wasn’t for our lovely friend Nakia.  I could run despite high or low temperatures, and at any time of day.  However, the true test is outside on the asphalt, under the sun/moon and against the wind.  Another plus of the treadmill are the lovely biometrics in your face and clawing their way into your mind.  In order to maintain my records, I invested in the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit to give me all the nifty stats that my obsessive little heart could possibly desire.  Perhaps too many stats, which I’ve mentioned once or twice as something I need to pay far less attention to.  Anyway, I wear a pair of Asics Gel-1160 shoes so I needed to purchase the Marware Sportsuit Sensor Case to hold the little sensor which was well secured to my shoelaces.  With the gadgets in order, I just wanted one more accessory: a pair of sunglasses that wouldn’t fall off my face once I started sweating.  Enter the Hilton Bay A77 Sunglasses which not only looked good but didn’t fall off my face when I looked down.  Brilliant.

This is going to sound weird but I missed the smell of sweat and sunblock.  I really did.  It was hot but windy.  My latest Machel Montano playlist was pumping in my earbuds.  I was walking and then running!  All was well with the world but then I started thinking.  On the treadmill, I calculate and re-calculate my speed, time and distance.  Here I was on the road and doing the same thing.  However, this wasn’t the treadmill and all this mental was making me mental.  Here’s what happened.  I walked to activate the sensor and started my usual warm-up walk.  I pressed the iPod’s home button and the app’s voice gave me stats.  Okay, so I was walking a bit slow and picked up the pace.  I checked again a short while later and it was better.  Eventually, I started to run and it felt weird.  I tried to maintain proper posture, etc. but took a while to get my road stride.  Once I seemed to get it, I checked the stats and realised that I was running faster than I ever did on the treadmill.  Good grief, am I going to get burned out?

I ran on and tried to lose myself in the music and atmosphere.  That worked for a while, but then I checked the app again.  This time it didn’t respond quickly and the app shut itself off.  Oh no, I can’t run and not have my stats!  So I stopped to restart it.  I caught my breath and got my technology in order before starting up again and ran home.  Clearly, I got carried away with my gadget and left it in the garage, as I went to chat with one of my friends.  Oh and by chat, I mean sit outside her garage and talk.  In all it was a good experience.  Now I know what my stuff can do, so I don’t need to worry about them.  Just get out there and run.  The stats will be what they’ll be, but the important thing is that I put in 100% effort as always.  When I eventually got home, I finished off with Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins, the Resistance Tube and 3lb hand weights.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Outdoor Run
Day 267
Here’s the playlist for my Machel Montano 35min playlist.  All songs are available on iTunes except for Power Session which was a special mix.  Cheers!
Wining Season (Remix) (feat. Shaggy)
Machel Montano
Blazin’ D Trail
Machel Montano
Band Of D Year (B.O.D.Y.)
Machel Montano & Patrice Roberts
Power Session
Machel Montano
Pump Yuh Flag
Machel Montano
Single Forever (Remix)
Machel Montano & K.I.
La Vida Es Un Carnival
Machel Montano