My Fitness Revolution Day 283: Crossing the 3 Mile Mark

I may not be there yet...This was a day to set new benchmarks.  The skies were overcast but there wasn’t any breeze.  I was going to set a distance run on the Nike+ Running app for three miles but opted to finish the Robert Ullrey’s Couch to 5K podcast program (Week 5, Day 3) instead.  That decision was based on a total lack of self-confidence.  Shame on me, anyway it was a great run.  I didn’t push too hard because it was my first attempt at a twenty-minute run outside, and I feared injury.  So what’s new, right?  I was able to keep my focus and enjoy myself.  At the end of the podcast and about 2.6 miles, I was almost on my doorstep.  So I decided to continue the cool-down walk until I crossed the three mile mark.  It wasn’t about speed or anything.  I just wanted to confirm that it was achievable and in under an hour.  Next time it’s going to be a distance workout with a goal of three miles, and less walking.  Much less walking.

Screenshot from Fitsugar's Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins

Tricep Push Ups from Fitsugar’s Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins

I followed up with my usual, the two Holly Perkins videos: 10 minute Fitsugar Arm Circuit and Sports Cool Down.  It’s taken a few sessions but I’ve finally got the Side Raise Hold back under control.  Out of the whole routine, that’s the most difficult exercise but it’s made all the difference in the world.  There’s also a point of personal pride to know that I can keep up with her on the Tricep Push-Ups but need to work on getting lower to the ground.  This weekend I spotted a pair of 8lb hand weights at Hibbett Sports, and will be moving up from the 5lb pair soon.  Both of these videos were random finds but have quite literally changed my body and by extension, my life.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session: Day 283
C25K Podcast Wk 5 Day 3
Avg. Pace
NikePlus run stats

Day 283’s run stats according to Nike’s website