My Fitness Revolution Day 340: Interval Workouts Rule!

I’ve been a fan of interval workouts for a long time.  If you’ve ever even tried to do a couch to 5k program, you know it’s a mix of walks and runs within a time frame.  The goal is to get your body ready for the rigours of a 5K race.  The funny part is that seasoned runners consider a 5k to be more of a fun run; but if you’re new to running (as I was) or exercise of any kind, it can be very strenuous.  Despite the sweat, muscle aches and small degree of embarrassment, completion can be a highly rewarding experience.  During last month’s September Shape Up program, the Cardio Jog interval workouts were great and I decided to make them a permanent part of my weekly regime.  Before gracing Drago with my presence, I had to give some time to the weighted jump rope…and shocked myself.

A sore body today is a strong body tomorrow

It’s been a long time since I displayed any prowess with my weighted jump rope.  However, I guess you do your best when you’re not really trying.  I didn’t stop because the rope snagged on my trainers but because I needed to catch my breath.  Quite frankly, I would spent more time with it, but didn’t want to overdo it before the run.  My goal was thirty-five minutes and started out with a five minute warm-up walk.  Unfortunately, my little iPod/iPhone speaker’s batteries needed changing and I accidentally whacked away the treadmill’s key.  That not only stopped it but lost the data as well. (Doh!)  With fresh batteries in the little speaker and technology ready to go, I started over.  The workout went well but I was a bit sleep deprived and my calf muscles were still a bit stiff from yesterday’s workout.

Jumping Rope

In the drama of accidentally stopping the treadmill, I forgot to set an incline of 1.0 for the first ten minutes, but rectified that at the end of my second walk interval.  That little bump in elevation marginally increased the level of difficulty, but it was an increase nonetheless.  It felt great but will take some getting used to, and I’ll use this week to do just that.  My goal is to run 5km either on the treadmill or asphalt every week.  Eventually, I’d like to do that for every run then gradually increase the distance.  I followed up with the Yoga Energizer workout from Holly PerkinsFitness 360 DVD.  After all that activity, the second Downward Facing Dog pose was a bit wobbly but luckily it’s just ten minutes long.  This little dog was happy to finally take a rest and I’m going to need it because there’s a nefarious plan in my noggin for tomorrow.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Run Stats for 02-Oct-2012

Run Stats for 02-Oct-2012