My Fitness Revolution Day 349: The Big Milestone Buster

You Won't Regret That Extra Push Every day I pray that God will direct my paths, so that everything that I think, say and do will be for His honour and glory.  That being said, although I may be disappointed to miss a workout, there is always a reason. I didn’t realise why I missed a workout on Day 348 until the dawn of Day 349.  On this day, I would run for 5km.  Initially, I hoped to run most of it but as it turned out, I did a fair amount of walking too.  It wasn’t easy because honestly, I was afraid.  Theoretically, I knew that I could do it.  However, the fact that I was going to base my run on a distance instead of a time, affected me deeply and I had to focus, focus and focus.  In recent weeks, I’ve been doing interval runs and my body was fighting me a bit when I demanded a longer split.  Despite that, I pushed on.

Feet on Scale

I didn’t walk the final half-kilometre but ran straight to the end, then walked for a few minutes to cool down.  It felt great and now I can start pushing myself a bit harder to eliminate the mid-run walking.  I would also like to cover this distance on the road to compare to this performance on the treadmill (Drago’s its name).  After all, that’s where the races actually happen.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the incline is set at 1.0, which is supposed to reduce shin splints and add enough resistance to mimic running on asphalt.  The photo below will show that I reached some milestones with this run.  You know how much I love reaching milestones and then busting them.  I can’t wait to do it some more.

Run Stats for 11-Oct-2012

Run Stats for 11-Oct-2012

It was interesting that after the workout and subsequent well-earned shower, I didn’t feel the desire for a special post-run treat.  I’ve often read that runners will splurge after a big run to celebrate its bigness.  However, I had a big salad and later on some Cheerios with low-fat milk.  That was it.  This is strange because I promised myself a Red Robin burger after a run like this.  Here it was, I had the run but didn’t want the burger.  Perhaps it’s because I knew that I could have done better.  Or more to the point, I know that I will do better.  That’s when a celebratory burger will be called-for and enjoyed.  Oh yes, it will be deeply enjoyed.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!