My Fitness Revolution Day 353: Competition Is Fun

Despite being my designated rest day, I was willing to go for a run on Day 352 with my nephew.  However, he seemed put out by the idea and urged us to save it for Monday aka Day 353.  We headed out at dusk for a brief fartlek around the neighbourhood’s retention pond.  Fartlek is a Swedish term for a workout session that blends easy to brisk walks and flat out hard runs.  I enjoyed sprinting around and even having to jump over some puddles along a running track between two streets.  Modern neighbourhood layouts are great for zig-zagging so your routes don’t get stale.  It was also very quiet so we were able to run towards home in the street itself at breakneck speed.  You can’t really do that on a treadmill without getting in trouble.

Nobody said it was going to be easy

While my nephew was splayed out on the floor, I pushed on and completed Fitsugar’s 10-Minute Teddy Bass Abs workout.  For the first time, I kept up well and only lost my balance once or twice during the Plank with Open Twist.  This workout is very good and always leaves me with sweet pain in my sides the next day.  Teddy also reminds me of my Sensei who taught me to love crunches and push-ups.  So that’s a big plus.  During my huffing, puffing and shaking, the kid only planked for twenty seconds.  Thus, I decided to finish off our workout for the night with the Fitsugar Crossfit Tabata Workout: Squats and Push-Ups with Shirley Brown.  I hadn’t planned on revisiting this workout out so soon, but boldly believed that the fartlek wasn’t enough of a workout for him.  (Ain’t I stinker?)  We both survived and I don’t think that either of us was worse for wear.  I’ll try to take it easy on Day 354 but not too easy because I refuse to lose momentum.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Ain't I a Stinker?

Some people don’t know who this is. Unfortunately.