My Fitness Revolution Day 354: Gearing Up For The Big Run

It may appear that completing a workout in anticipation of yet another one is all kinds of wrong, but it’s a matter of planning.  I’m going to run at least 5km on Day 355, whether rain (on the treadmill) or shine (on the asphalt).  However on Day 354, I would be a dummy to wear myself out to the point where I can hardly move my body for that big run.  My original plan was to do a Cardio workout coupled with an Arm Circuit.  However, my thigh muscles were still feeling a bit stiff after Day 353’s workout, so I opted for the Total Tone 360 and Yoga Energizer from Holly Perkin’s Fitness 360 DVD.  The focus was to strengthen and stretch, especially my upper body since my lower body will be put through the wringer the next day.  This was the day to put the arms under some pressure.

Don't be discouraged...

That pressure weighed 16lbs, as in one pair of 8lb hand weights or dumbbells.  My shoulders were still feeling sore from the Fitsugar Crossfit Tabata’s push-ups so the Upper Body segment was a bit tough.  I didn’t need to switch to a lighter pair but I really felt every single rep.  It was glorious and I don’t regret any of it.  The Yoga Energizer is a favourite routine because it not only helps me to work the sore spots but also challenge my body as a whole.  My next steps are to rest well and fuel up to tackle that big run.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Downward Facing Dog