My Fitness Revolution Day 355: Another 5km Training Run Done!

Unlike last week, I was determined to complete a 5km run on this day.  I had an upset stomach but refused to postpone the workout.  Come on, when have I ever taken the easy way out?  Today, I worked hard to stay hydrated and ate in a timely fashion.  I jumped rope for about a minute to get my heart rate up before stepping onto the treadmill.  Then about five minutes were spent at a brisk walking pace before I started to run.  Fifteen minutes and three kilometres later, I absolutely had to slow down for a recovery walk.  There wasn’t any nausea or anything but I was having some difficulty maintaining the pace.  I drank some water, breathed deeply and then ran straight to the 5km mark.  Then a five-minute cool-down walk to sweat and feel good about the time.  The day’s activities were rounded off with fifteen Walking Lunges with 8lb weights.  My thighs would have screamed at me if they could.

To Earn That Shower

According to my Nike+ app, it took me 34:50 to cover 5km which includes the five-minute warm-up and five-minute wimp-out.  This is my best time on the treadmill but not the very best that I can do.  I’m faster thanks to the September Shape Up and continued strength training.  Now it’s a matter of building up my endurance to eliminate that mid-run break.  Despite that, I was happy to break a few records on this day including longest run, farthest run, most calories burned and most importantly, fastest 5k.  Good grief, I’ve finally become one of those people who strive to continually beat their PR’s (Personal Records).  Now I have the task of squeezing out that kind of performance on asphalt.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Women on Treadmill