My Fitness Revolution Day 362: Oh My Dumbbells, How I’ve Missed You So!

Bless you lovely people who read this title and ask, “Girl, didn’t you use your dumbbells yesterday?”  Yes, I did but it was a deviation from my planned workout which irked me deeply.  I’ve been planning my workouts ahead of time, so I never find myself missing out a strength routine or putting two intense sessions back-to-back.  Despite getting a very late start to the day, I promised myself to get a full workout done.  In the evening, I started out with Cardio 360 from Holly PerkinsFitness 360 DVD and my 8lb hand weights.  I’ve never done it two days in a row and my triceps winced a little for the Overhead Pulls.  However, the discomfort wasn’t nearly bad enough to pause or miss any reps.  At the end, I sat on the exercise mat and just breathed before moving on.

Another Day Closer

Total Tone 360 was up next and I was happy to have my nephew work out with me.  He used the 8lb pair, while I took up the 5lb dumbbells.  It’s been a while since I’ve used my shiny blue beauties.  We stopped a few times to adjust our positions to suit our workout space, but it went really well.  The lighter weights were a pleasant change but still offered enough of a challenge to make me sweat.  I decided to introduce the kid to yoga and had him start the Yoga Energizer, with no intention of doing it myself.  However, he was called away so I did the workout instead.  I always wondered if I could do Holly’s whole workout DVD in one go, and now I know that I can.  This isn’t something I was capable of when I first bought it.  Let’s see if tomorrow I can do something else that was completely beyond me.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

One of the greatest moments in life...