My Fitness Revolution Day 364: I’m So Excited And I Just Can’t Hide it!

Despite a late start to the day, it did get started and I made sure to get fuelled properly.  That meant breakfast, snack, light lunch, no sugar in my tea and water.  I kept it simple with two Fitsugar workouts: Abs with Teddy Bass and Arms with Holly Perkins using 5lb weights.  I was going to throw in some yoga too but didn’t want to wear myself out.  Despite the fact that I’m still awake at this time, I’m resting my legs for a big run tomorrow.  Ah yes, tomorrow the much anticipated Day 365 but no talk of that yet.  We’re still in a post about Day 364!  I didn’t use the 8lb pair because my arms were tired after Day 362 and I wanted to enjoy my workout instead of getting worn out.  That’s my big plan, kids.  Don’t wear myself out today so that I can wring every drop of sweat out of my skin tomorrow.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

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