My Fitness Revolution Day 365: End Of One Phase And Beginning Of Another

Exactly three hundred and sixty-five days ago on October 30th 2011, we were given a treadmill and it changed my life.  Almighty God in His infinite wisdom made sure that I no longer had any excuses to avoid exercise.  I was the heaviest that I’ve ever been in my life due to a sheer lack of physical activity.  It was time for me to get my act together, if for no other reason than to save my own life.  The task seemed daunting but all I had to do was walk, right?  Wrong.  I tried that for months and there wasn’t any real change.  After seeing photos of myself in April 2012, I was disgusted and dismayed because my usual methods of exercise failed to give me the change that was so desperately needed.  That very month, I took the original initiative to another level and haven’t looked back since.

Eat Move Hydrate Sleep Love Life

I put myself on a program of daily workouts alternating between Jane Fonda’s old-school aerobics and Robert Ullrey’s Couch to 5K podcast with a mad goal.  In two years I would be fit enough run a half or full marathon.  With my family’s full support, I embraced this task relentlessly.  Nine weeks later, I not only felt but saw positive, physical changes.  A month after that, I comfortably fit back into my favourite pair of jeans that I couldn’t get past my knees six months earlier.  Then along came the discovery of Fitsugar and celebrity trainer Holly Perkins.  She taught me that weights could be my friend and that “You’re capable of more than you know.”  Soon, my workout clothes were too big for me and I was able to resurrect pieces that I almost gave away because I never thought I’d be that size again.

No More Excuses

Here I am, back at that size and will continue to work hard until I reach my ultimate fitness level.  My Fitness Revolution continues but now it’s time to revisit the mad goal and take the first step towards its fulfilment.  On November 4, 2012 I will participate in the Paint The Towne Palmer College 5K.  Actually, it was my sister who told me that I was more than race-ready and challenged me to participate in local events before the year’s end.  As a result, my workout for Day 365 was a 5K dress rehearsal.  My original plan was to run outside but Hurricane Sandy gave us overcast skies and wind gusts.  I ran on the treadmill to err on the side of caution.  Unlike previous 5km runs, I slowly accelerated my pace in order to save some gusto for the final two kilometres and avoid burnout at the 3.9km mark.  Despite one unforeseen interruption, I accomplished my goal in a relatively decent time and with minimal walking.  No PR’s were broken but this was one of the most controlled runs I’ve done so far.  I’ve finally managed to run smartly as well as strongly.

The Harder the Struggle, the More Glorious the Triumph

Afterwards, I completed a short cool-down walk followed by twenty walking lunges without weights.  Later in the evening, I had an hour of deep-tissue massage.  My body has been through a lot and needed some professional help.  Tomorrow (Sunday) will be my usual rest day and then all of next week will be filled with race preparation.  I’m still breaking in the Mizuno Wave Creation 12 running shoes.  However, if I don’t feel 100% comfortable in them by next Saturday, then I’ll use the Asics Gel-1160 pair for the race.  My main goal is to not finish last.  However, I would be dishonest to say that I don’t intend to the absolute best that I can.  Come what may, my mottos remain the same.  Firstly, “FAIL is a four-letter f-word.”  Of course, you know the other one quite well.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Run Stats for 27-Oct-2012

Run Stats for 27-Oct-2012