My Fitness Revolution: Day 89

By the Grace of God and His heavenly army, there was a full workout tonight.  Stretches and jump rope first, then it was onto the treadmill for thirty minutes.  It’s been warm lately, so I was sweating profusely.  A new arm movement was introduced tonight, so that’s five sets: uppercuts, straight punches, lateral arm raises and something I invented to mimic arm movements on an elliptical machine (see photo).  Remember I’m wearing 1lb wrist weights for all the movements but hold 2lb hand weights for the last one.  Each set is for one minute each and they’re done at intervals during the treadmill session.

One Opinionated Woman on the treadmill

Arm movements while on the treadmill

The floor exercises went quite well with twenty trunk rotations, one hundred crunches and a new addition of twenty twisting crunches.  After the leg extensions and twenty Jack Knife exercises, I was able to complete four GI Jane’s but not in a row.  This wasn’t surprising since I added a new arm movement earlier in the work out, however it was disappointing.  The good part is that there’s less stiffness than last night and without help from Absorbine Jr.  My body is adjusting to the physical activity.  The only thing is that I need to drink more water.  It gets cold and I love tea but the water is better for me.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session
Min. Speed
Max. Speed
One Opinionated Woman's Arm

My arm’s showing some definition