My Fitness Revolution: Day 91, 92 & 93

Some of you may have been wondering, what in the world happened to this opinionated woman?  Well, the schizophrenic temperature patterns finally hit our household like a gravedigger’s shovel.  Everybody got the cold, except for me.  This meant I had a few more responsibilities on my plate and zero time for exercise.  Not even for a GI Jane push-up or trunk rotation.  I also had plans to get a little professional pampering that went up in smoke.  Said pampering was related to attending a NASCAR event…puff puff puff, gone!


The good part is that everybody’s on the mend.  The bad part is that I had to take a couple Dayquil tonight because the sniffles caught up with me.  However, today’s a new day and we’re well stocked with orange juice.  I may be feeling a bit drugged up right now but when the sun goes down, I’m going to bundle up and get my booty in gear.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!