My Fitness Revolution: Day 98

youtubeTime got away from me tonight so there was no workout.  However, that doesn’t mean this is a wasted post.  I’m taking the opportunity to share some really good exercises that I’ve been doing with you.  All of them were discovered on YouTube.  I encourage you to explore the videos and see if there’s something you’d like to try but do skim the comments.  Just because they’ve uploaded a video doesn’t mean the technique is perfect.  Don’t rush anything because you may risk injury.

This is the Quarter Crunch, which I was introduced to in my kickboxing training.  It doesn’t seem difficult but after twenty, fifty or one hundred, you’ll definitely feel the burn in your upper abdomen.  I recommend hugging your knees after each set to relax your muscles.

This is the Twisting Crunch, another exercise from kickboxing training.  If you think the Quarter Crunches are tough, then these will be murder.  Start with small reps and hug your knees between each set.  This is a pretty intense exercise.

I usually do Arm Raises while I’m on the treadmill but with wrist weights instead of dumbbells.  Only because they’re easier for me and I do a full minute of continuous reps, in rhythm to the brisk walking pace.  If you don’t have good balance, then do these while standing on solid ground.  Believe me when I say, that I stop myself if the danger of injury every presents itself.

I do a variation of these Triceps Dumbbell Extensions as part of my arm movements with lighter weights in each hand.  It’s not pretty but offers a challenge.  Soon, I’ll be following the technique from the video.  By the way, be very careful when doing this.  Anything involving weights and your head should be executed with some caution.

If you come across any great videos that have helped your own fitness revolution, feel free to share them here on Facebook or Twitter.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!