My Fitness Revolution: Days 239 & 240

The past two days have gifted me with very positive workout experiences.  On Day 239, I completed The Jane Fonda Workout Record (1982) and the Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins using 5lb weights.  Since I rested the day before, these workouts were great to get my body ready for the next treadmill session.  To be honest, I wish that I could run every day.  It invigorates me and I feel an intense sense of accomplishment after every run.  Then again, this is Week 8 of a nine-week C25K podcast.  I should be excited at the prospect of its successful completion.  It’s been very good to repeat Miss Holly’s Arm Circuit with the 2lb weights after the run.  There is an ‘I Hate Running’ brigade, and its members (not me anymore) will probably roll their eyes at the next sentence.  I’m actually holding back.  The task is to run non-stop for twenty-eight minutes but I could easily push the extra two minutes, and run for thirty.  No really and I haven’t been afflicted with intolerable muscle stiffness, stitches or cramps.  Knock on wood and thank you Jesus.  On Day 240, I also ran at a speed of 4.1 mph.  This meant that I ran my furthest and hardest, but I’m not done yet.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao-Tzu, The Way of Lao-Tzu

MP900405146 Woman on treadmill

I started dabbling with running in the summer of 2009.  Although I was lighter then than I am now, my fitness level was lower.  I was recovering from a drastic weight loss and decided to get strong.  That was when I set the goal: complete the Robert Ullrey C25K podcast.  I tried twice but never got past Week 2, and eventually put it aside entirely.  It may have taken me a few years to get my act together but look at me now.  Not only will I achieve that goal but want to do more.  Not only do I want to run (not walk) a 5K in December, but another one in February 2013.  Over the weekend, I was chatting with a dear friend who is a very dedicated runner.  Her daily routine is four miles at a pace of 8:00 min/mile.  I wasn’t just impressed but inspired.  It may take me a while to get to that level, but it’s a goal and one that I believe is achievable.  We have to crawl before we walk.  We have to walk before we run.  I’m thinking: 5K → 10K → half marathon → marathon.   No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  Do you think I’m mad or motivated?

Treadmill Session
Day 240
Min. Speed
Max. Speed
Late night workout with Miss Holly on TV thanks to the XBox LiveYouTube App

Late night workout with Miss Holly on TV thanks to the XBox LiveYouTube App