My Fitness Revolution: Days 248 to 249

Today was the big day.  After about three months, I completed Robert’s Ullrey C25K podcast.  It was a tough run because Day 247’s FitSugar video for a Total-Body Ten-Minute Workout left me with a sore booty.  When Holly Perkins told us to push the tush, I had no idea that I’d wake up the next morning in pain.  Despite that, I took more time to stretch before the run and almost completely forgot about it after a couple minutes.  I also looked at the LCD display much less than yesterday.  It felt good just to run.  Afterwards I completed the Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins with 3lb weights and then some buttock stretches from The Jane Fonda Workout Record (1982).  The good thing about a long workout like Miss Jane’s is that she includes stretches during and after the routines.  This helps so much and I don’t experience any post-workout stiffness.  It’s funny that I consider the non-running days to be easy.

One day

Day 249 is going to be an awesome rest day.  I’m going to Remedy Spa at Pelican Bay for some well-deserved pampering and then do as little as humanly possible for the rest of the day.  So what’s my next step?  Well now that I’m in somewhat conditioned, but nowhere near my optimum fitness level.  My next goal is to run faster as well as longer and outside.  The treadmill is an excellent tool and offers one the convenience of running any time of night or day; but the real test is on the asphalt.  To be honest, I’ve missed running outdoors and will relish every moment, especially since I shouldn’t be wheezing and wasted.  There is a sense of deep accomplishment to have finished this program and I have the confidence and enthusiasm to go on.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session
Day 248
Min. Speed
Max. Speed