My Fitness Revolution: Days 268 to 270

The aftermath of Day 267 was soreness in my calves.  The next day I had a late non-running workout but the pain was so bad that I could only get past Miss Jane’s Warm Up before deciding to go straight to the Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins before calling it a night.  Day 269 was a rainy one, so I had to go back to the treadmill.  Although the Proform XP590S treadmill’s screen provides me with stats, I also used the Nike+ Fitness App because the iPod Touch was too far away for me to reach its Home button.  It took the entire warm-up walk and initial minutes of the run before I got past the calf pain.  There was the usual temptation to finish early, especially in the last ten minutes.  However, I stuck it out to the end of twenty-five continuous minutes and that felt great.  I did make an attempt to run at 5 mph but I just couldn’t do it.  Apparently, that kind of pace and speed is only achievable out on the road.  At this time, anyway.

I don't always love the workout..

The calf pain came back a few minutes after the run and it was brutal.  I used Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel before the run, which usually does the trick; but this time I had to use it after my shower as well.  I was also unpleasantly surprised to find that the Nike+ Fitness App and treadmill gave me conflicting stats.  As you can see from the table below there’s almost a 0.5 mile margin between them.  That’s a big difference but eventually I’ll use my outdoor distance calculation to know what’s correct.  In case you’re wondering, it’s a road route that my sister measured with her car’s odometer.  I’ll run it with the app and compare the distance recorded.  That way I’ll know if it’s off and by how much.  Running for a certain length of time is all well and good, but you can’t quantify your progress if you don’t know how much distance you can cover.

Woman Jogging Outside

On Day 270, I slathered my calves with Biofreeze and set about for my non-running workouts.  I completed The Jane Fonda Workout Record (1982) and the Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins with 5lb weights.  The latter was more of a challenge than usual so I definitely need to work some more on that before I move on to 8lb weights.  My calves never stopped hurting, so I’m going to give them a day off tomorrow.  I’ll probably just do the Holly Perkins Arm Circuit but nothing else.  There’ll be more Biofreeze and massage throughout the day.  After that they should be in good shape for a run on Day 272.  Hopefully, it will be an outside one.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Treadmill Session: Day 269
Proform XP590S
Nike+ Fitness App
Avg. Pace
Min. Speed
Max. Speed

MP900337261 dumbells