My Fitness Revolution: Days 271 to 272

The pain in my calves finally dissipated after a proper rest on Day 271.  I even had a brief plan to do some arm exercises but that didn’t happen, and it was probably for the best.  Usually, I’d get back into the groove the next day with a non-running workout but not this time.  I decided to head outdoors with my Nike+ iPod Sport Kit for a few laps of the neighbourhood.  I set the app for a thirty-five minute run and took off.  The sun was setting so it was pretty cool so I didn’t sweat that much.  However, the run was very, very difficult.  At first I realised that my form was bad.  It took some effort to hit a proper stride but my pace was approximately 10:50, which is about two minutes faster than my maximum on the treadmill.  I had actually stopped back at my house to drop off my sunglasses and guzzled some water.  There was great temptation to end the run then, but I dragged myself back out there for another lap.  After that, I was almost completely tapped out.

Don't let your doubts sabotage your actions

My original plan was to do the C25K podcast program again outside after its completion on the treadmill.  However the next time, I’ll use Week 5 which has three different phases to ease one into a twenty minute run.  I can run for eight minutes continuously before needing to walk.  This isn’t too bad but a far cry from twenty minutes and will need some work.  After the run, I rested for about ten minutes before completing the Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins, using a Resistance Tube for Bicep Curls and 5lb weights.  The tube adds a challenging aspect to this everyday routine.  I believe that my fitness level will plateau when workouts get ‘easy’ and I’m not ready to go into maintenance mode yet.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Outdoor Run
Day 272

mid adult woman with a towel on her shoulders in a park