My Fitness Revolution Days 284 to 286: Mystery of the Mysterious Neck Pain

I’d like to say it came like a thief in the night but that’s not true.  I fell asleep and woke up feeling like there was a wire under my skin, right on top of my voice-box.  Periodically my voice would cut away while my neck muscle spazzed to simultaneously close my mouth.  Some of you may find this amusing, and even I saw this irony in this predicament.  However, it stopped being even remotely funny when it hurt to turn my head, eat, speak, spit or swallow.  It hurt to lie down, so even sleep was painful.  Take a moment to imagine that one.  I know, right?  Clearly exercise was completely out of the question.  On Day 284, I was highly irritated when my family forbade me because I still didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

Sore Throat Lady

By the next day, I was pretty miserable and didn’t have any solid food until dinner time.  My sister brought me some tasty Hu Tieu Thap Cam from Leanh’s Chinese Restaurant.  It’s from their Vietnamese menu and one of my favourite foods in the world.  Carol also made sure that I had painkillers and Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges.  If you’ve ever had Strepsils, then you might understand how awful these lozenges are; but the little buggers work.  By Day 286, I felt much better and the pain is almost completely gone.  Thank God the mysterious neck pain will soon be a thing of the past.  I’ll slowly but surely get myself back in the swing of things as soon as possible.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges (Cherry)

Tastes awful but it works