My Fitness Revolution Days 296 to 297: Injured again

Day 296 began with recovery from what people from my part of the world call a cramp.  The first-world term is acid reflux but it was the result of a poor meal choice, which left me up all night belching in a most unladylike fashion.  The aftermath was a terrible pain in my Latissimus Dorsi muscle.  It feels bruised on the inside.  The appalling pain is only alleviated by massage with liniment and pain-killers.  The worst part of all this is that my fitness regime has been suspended once again.  I’m so angry with myself.  It’s completely my fault and now there’s nothing I can do but be careful with myself until the pain goes.  Thankfully, the mysterious neck pain has completely disappeared.  Perhaps this is just one of those things one has to deal with when getting oldolder.  Ah well…no retreat, no surrender and no excuses!