My Fitness Revolution Days 347 to 348: Gently Pushing That Envelope

At the start of October, I had a couple goals that I wanted to achieve.  The first was to maintain the momentum level from the September Shape Up’s final week.  The easiest way to do that would be to run thrice per week and double up the fitness workouts.  On Day 347, I completed the Cardio 360 workout from Holly Perkins’ Fitness 360 DVD with 8lb hand weights.  For the first time, I was able to complete all the reps but I had to take a couple breaks.  I didn’t drink my usual quota of water and had to take a few breaks to catch my breath.  My intention was to follow up with another of Holly’s videos.  This time it was going to be the 10 Minute Fitsugar Arm Circuit.

You Earn Your Body

Perhaps my performance would have been better if I’d used the 5lb pair instead.  Half way through the workout, I realised that this was as much as I could do without inducing fatigue.  The next time this should happen, I’ll switch out to lighter weights and push to complete the workout instead of wimping out.  Okay, okay, good sense prevailed but I don’t like leaving things undone.  I didn’t lose any sleep over it, but it definitely irked the drill sergeant part of me.  The next day, I took every precaution to ensure a good workout.  I didn’t miss any meals, snacked smartly and drank copious amounts of water.  Unfortunately, I got tied up with a very important matter and had to forego the exercise.  I know, right?  However, I made up my mind at that time to make sure that this rest would be the calm before the storm on Day 349.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Measuring Tape